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Outreach Services

Collaborative & Innovative

Care For Families

We connect and provide financial assistance to individuals for Counseling services; sponsored by AMRF Staffing program.

 Connect to Free Medical Care

We find free & low cost medical clinics, telehealth providers, and laboratory services. We coordinate services and schedule appointments.

Sneak Peak - Sneakers

We provide new and gently used sneakers to individuals who need shoes; sponsored by Cj Marcs Store.

Hope for Socks

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us give needed items; SOCKS. We give new socks to those who need them; sponsored by Bombas -

Prescription Assistance Program

We help patients get free or low cost medication. We research medications, eligibility criteria & coordinate the application process to completion.

Prescription Discount Card

We provide a prescription discount card that will provide a discount on most prescription drugs. No expiration. No fees or obligations; Just Savings!

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